A Discord bot that gives you free games that are released daily on Steam and Epic Games

A Discord bot that gives you free games that are released daily on Steam and Epic Games

A Discord Bot That Gives You Free Games That Are Released Daily On Steam And Epic Games

FreeStuff keeps you up to date with free games!
More specifically games that usually cost money but are available for free for a limited amount of time (100% discount). To get started, add the bot to your server, run /settings, follow the instructions, and get notified when you can get something for free. ‎
  • Support for all major platforms and stores, including Steam, Epic Games, GOG, and many many more
  • Support for “free weekend” events, Prime Gaming content and other gaming news
  • Super easy to set up
  • Choose one of many different themes to change how the messages look
  • Apply a variety of filter options to control which types of games you will be notified about
  • Choose one of over 20 available translations
  • No unnecessary features. No dog images, no iq testing, no rng, just games. Free games.

Setting Up Notifications


Invite The Bot

To do anything you first need to add the Discord bot to your server. Click the button below to do that. If you already see FreeStuff in your Discord server you can skip this step.

Invite Bot" href="#invite_bot" class="heading_link">

Enable Notifications

First run /settings. Then pick which kind of free games you would like to receive, more on those below. Finally select a channel you would like to receive those notifications. And you’re done. That’s all. You will now get notified about all free games.


Optional: Testing

If you would like to verify that everything is working you can click on “More” right below where you selected the channel. Then click on Send Test Message. If you receive a notification everything is up and running!

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