How to Update Palen1x 1.1.20 by Windows

How to Update Palen1x 1.1.20 by Windows

How To Update Palen1x 1.1.20 By Windows So That Palera1n Can Be Used On Windows Machines, And Updated The Included Palera1n To Beta 9

How to Update Palen1x 1.1.20 by Windows –

Today [ Palera1n ] was updated to ” Palera1n v2.0.0 Beta 9 “, and [ Palan1x ], which allows you to use Palera1n on Windows machines, has also been updated.

As a result, Palera1n installed in Palen1x was updated to Beta 9, and the updates of Palera1n Beta 9 were also applied to Palen1x.


Palen1x 1.1.20

Palen1x allows you to use Palera1n on a Windows machine by writing to a USB memory , but it has been updated and Palen1x 1.1.20 has been released. The update content is “Updated to Palera1n v2.0.0 Beta 9”, and the main update content is as described below.


Update Content

The following is the updated content of ” Palera1n v2.0.0 Beta 9 “.
【Major changes】

  • On iOS 17.0 or later (iPadOS 17.0 or later), change to automatically apply the option “thid_should_crash=0” and fix the issue where AppStore would crash under certain circumstances.
  • Improved initproc processing
  • Added ability to download packages to online configuration
  • Improved behavior of receiving online configurations if you are using a higher version than the supported version (e.g. if you are using iOS 14 etc. it will be rejected and you will not be able to proceed)
  • Added ability to download packages to online configuration


  • Improved initproc processing
  • Fix for iOS 16 and above
  • Improved safe mode and restart behavior
  • Supports compressed ramdisk
  • Update MbedTLS

Download & Update

You can download the image file (iso) of Palen1x 1.1.20 from the link below.
There are two types depending on the CPU installed in your PC, so please choose the one that suits your environment and write it to a USB memory, etc. (Most people should be able to use it for 64-bit computers).

Adding options manually was a bit troublesome for Palen1x, but “thid_should_crash=0” is now automatically applied, making it easier to jailbreak iPadOS 17.2 and later.
Also, there may be other fixes, so if you are using Palen1x, it may be a good idea to update your USB memory to Palen1x 1.1.20 when you have time.

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