Netflix might kill your subscription if you’re still paying through Apple

Netflix might kill your subscription if you’re still paying through Apple

Netflix Might Kill Your Subscription If You’re Still Paying Through Apple

Netflix may soon discontinue support for customers who are paying for their subscription through the Apple App Store, according to The Streamable. Previously, Netflix stopped allowing new sign-ups through the iOS app due to the fees imposed by Apple. Existing subscribers who signed up through Apple were grandfathered in, but emails have been sent to these customers informing them that support for Apple payments will be ending. While this change currently applies to customers in specific territories, it is advisable for those paying through the App Store to have an alternate payment method in place.

To determine your payment method for Netflix, you can visit the Netflix’s Help Center, and navigate to the Membership tab on If you are using Apple as your payment method, you can manage your payment method on the website by adding a credit card or another form of payment to ensure uninterrupted access to Netflix.

It is worth noting that many customers paying through Apple may not be aware of their payment method. Therefore, it is recommended to check your payment details, especially if you have been a long-time Netflix subscriber. However, Netflix will likely prompt you to change your payment method before discontinuing your subscription.


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  1. March 5, 2024


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