SafariX – Elevating Your Safari Experience 2024

SafariX – Elevating Your Safari Experience 2024

SafariX – Elevating Your Safari Experience.

If you feel like browsing using Safari default Apple’s browser is always the same tiring experience, if you feel dumb looking for certain buttons to operate that browser (search a word in a page but go through share page – why Apple? do you really hate us this much?) if you miss tabs in portrait mode or just in the mood to share your download into any app you choose (feels basic, but mmm..) then you this is a must have tweak for you!

With SafariX, you can customize safari to suit you better, and I am not kidding when I say – this will change the way you consume this browser.

Tabs In Portrait Mode – The toughest feature in this tweak was brining back the tabs for our safari, but in portrait mode. we had tabsa,SafariTabs and few others that previously achieved this kind of UI, but since iOS 15 was out, nothing existed, until now. This feature was especially hard to implement – so please be patient if you see any bugs with this, I will try my best to work out any issue you may have. Please note that if you choose to use Tabs in portrait – your address bar will be on TOP with no option to modify that. This feature is for iOS 15.1 and above!

Customize Shortcut Buttons – Other than that, with SafariX you can customize any button you want (more will be added in the future) and expand your bottom bar up to 7 fully functional buttons. if 7 is not enough, I Added multifunctional button that can contain up to 10 more!

Easier Grouping – With the ease of adding those buttons, you can reach to the Tab Groups section much easier and quicker, as well as conveniently move between them. I dont know who really uses this tabs grouping feature, but in the testing phase, my testers reported it was important for them to be implemented


Downloads Manager – The days safari decides which file to open in which app is over. with a quick share button that can be displayed near any new download you have – it will be easier than ever.

Full URL – You can now display the full URL of any website that you browse in


Full list of buttons you can add:

– Back/Forward/Share/Bookmarks/Tabs – the basic buttons Apple supplies

– Private/Regular + Desktop/Mobile Site browsing modes – for easy switching between the modes

– Add to reading list/bookmark list – to directly add the current page into your bookmarks

– Tabs actions such as: Close all tabs, Close Duplicated tabs, Close current tab, open a new tab

– Clear/Show history button

– Paste and search instead of you waiting until the paste will happen, a button will do that for you now

– Tabs grouping – Show the tabs group section and add buttons to easily move between them

– Multifunctional Button – is a button that will display a menu with up to 10 more buttons if the 7 you add on your bottom bar are not enough.

Price: 1.5$


Twitter for support/new requests:

My GitHub:

Support: both rootless and rootful jailbreaks, iOS 15-16.

Tested on dozens devices and dozens of iOS versions.

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