Souvenir Tweak 1.28 Customize the lock screen

Souvenir Tweak 1.28 Customize the lock screen

Souvenir Tweak 1.28 Customize the lock screen


  • Compatible with both iOS and iPadOS

  • Compatible with both Rootful and Rootless jailbreaks, without the need to install oldAbi

  • Compatible with most lockscreen tweaks: Exiwall, ChromaFlow, Enchant, Velvet, Velvet 2, Hometime, Satellite …

  • Custom Font path for Rootful Jailbreaks: “/Library/Application Support/Souvenir.bundle/Fonts”

  • Custom Font path for Rootless Jailbreaks: “/var/jb/Library/Application Support/Souvenir.bundle/Fonts”

  • Both ttf and otf custom fonts format are supported (respring required after adding the fonts)

video showing Light/Dark mode toogle:


  • Option to enable/disable the tweak (respring required)
  • Custom preferences between light and dark mode so You can have a whole different setup between the 2 modes!
  • Option for alignment style between left, center or right
  • Option to hide the time
  • Option to hide the date
  • Option to hide the timer
  • Option to hide the lock icon
  • Option to hide the alternate calendar
  • Option to hide the Focus icon
  • Option to hide the “No Older Notification” text
  • Option to hide the camera button
  • Option to hide the flashlight button
  • Option to hide home bar icon
  • Option to hide the footer text
  • Option to hide footer indicators
  • Custom time color
  • Custom date color
  • Custom timer color
  • Custom alternate calendar color
  • Custom lock icon color
  • Custom home bar color
  • Custom flashlight icon color
  • Custom camera icon color
  • Transparency option for time
  • Transparency option for date
  • Transparency option for timer
  • Transparency option for alternate calendar
  • Transparency option for lock icon
  • Transparency option for home bar
  • Custom time font
  • Custom date font
  • Custom timer font
  • Custom alternate calendar font
  • Get selected font names
  • Option to reset fonts
  • Option for custom time language
  • Option for custom date language
  • Custom time format
  • Custom date format
  • Option to enable android 12 time layout
  • Option for spacing between android 12 time layout
  • Option for 12 hours or 24 hours time format for the android 12 time layout
  • Custom hour color for android 12 layout
  • Custom minutes color for android 12 layout
  • Custom time size
  • Custom date size
  • Custom timer size
  • Custom alternate calendar size
  • Custom lock icon size
  • Custom time x
  • Custom date x
  • Custom timer x
  • Custom alternate calendar x
  • Custom lock icon x
  • Custom time y
  • Custom date y
  • Custom timer y
  • Custom alternate calendar y
  • Custom lock icon y
  • Option to enable light/dark mode toggle from the lockscreen
  • Option to add small snow or snowflakes to the lockscreen
  • Option to save a backup
  • Option to rename already made backups
  • Option to load a backup
  • Option to delete a backup
  • Option to copy Light mode presets to Dark mode
  • Option to copy Dark mode presets to Light mode
  • Option to reset all preferences


Souvenir Tweak 1.28 Customize the lock screen -You can customize the lock screen

*~ iOS 15 compatible, paid

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