TrollBox 0.2 – Trollstore tool

TrollBox 0.2 – Trollstore tool


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All TrollStore tools in one.


Version 0.2



Already implemented:


  • AirSpammer
    • AirDrop spammer/flodder.
  • Carrier Changer
    • Change carrier name.
  • Location Simulator
    • Fake your location.
  • Password Keys Themer
    • Customize your lockscreen password.
  • Superviser
    • Supervise your device.
  • Gesture Navigation
    • Enable gesture navigation on devices older than iPhone X.
  • Lock After Respring
    • Enable or disable it.
  • Wallpaper Setter
    • Set light/dark mode wallpapers.
  • Dock/HomeScreen settings
    • Set custom settings for your dock
  • Wallet Image Editor
    • Use custom images for your Wallet cards.
  • Custom Fonts
    • Use and import custom fonts.
  • Custom Lockscreen Text
    • Customize the lockscreen’s bottom text.
  • Disable Camera SFX
    • Turn off the camera shutter sound.
  • Disable screen time
    • Turn off screen time !
  • Other Minor Tools.


    To Come:


  • Icon Theming (this will take longer than expected).
  • Homescreen Layout Editing.
  • Ringtone Manager.
  • And more to come!





For this app to work properly, you need to install it via TrollStore v2.0.7 or newer to access to all features.

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