Tutorial How to Decrypt Apps with TrollStore 2

Tutorial How to Decrypt Apps with TrollStore 2

Tutorial How To Decrypt Apps With TrollStore 2


TrollDecrypter for iOS 15.5 – 16.6b1

With the new release of TrollStore 2; an updated version of the original TrollStore to support iOS 15.8 – 16.6.1b1, there is a new way to decrypt your own apps with TrollDecrypter. Here’s how to do it!

Requirements –

• TrollStore installed. Guide here on how to install for iOS 15.5 – 16.6.1 Beta 1.
• CocoaTop installed. Download link here.
Tutorial –

1. Head over to TrollDecrypter GitHub here > Assets & download TrollDecryptor.ipa.
2. Either open the new file in TrollStore or head into TrollStore and install the new IPA.
3. Open the app you would like to decrypt and open CocoaTop and search for the binary file of the app. Usually this will be the game name. If you’re unsure on what that is, using GAMENAME as the binary name, head into Filza and head to /var/containers/Bundle/Application > AppName > GAMENAME.app.
4. Once you have found the game in CocoaTop, make sure to take note of the PID, head into TrollDecrypter, type the PID in and press Decrypt. This will start to decrypt the IPA of the game.
5. Once decrypted, you should receive a pop-up confirming the app has been decrypted.

That’s it! You’ve successfully decrypted your own IPA using TrollDecrypter.
Decrypted IPA’s will be located at /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/TrollDecrypter/Documents.



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