AudioRecorder TS ipa 2024

AudioRecorder TS ipa 2024

AudioRecorder TS, A TrollStore_based Phone & FaceTime Call Audio Recorder

Among the many amazing jailbreak tweaks that iOS developer Elias Limneos is known for is AudioRecorder XS, a tool that allows users to record phone calls and FaceTime calls on their device and save the audio for review later.


Limneos announces the release of AudioRecorder TS.
Just this week, Limneos released AudioRecorder TS as an extension for TrollStore that works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices (as long as the device has TrollStore installed on it).

According to a post shared to X (formerly Twitter) by Limneos, AudioRecorder TS is just as powerful as its jailbreak tweak counterpart as it sports all the same features. AudioRecorder TS accomplishes this feat because of the powerful entitlements afforded by TrollStore’s CoreTrust bug.

AudioRecorder TS for TrollStore by Limneos.
As you can see from the screenshot examples above and below, the tweak adds a record button to any active call interface so that you can begin recording audio from the call.

Once recorded, you can take that audio and clip it down to length and make edits, such as to how wet or dry the sound is, the gain, and making adjustments to the sound quality.

Available IPA Files
(Sideloadable via TrollStore)
AudioRecorder TS (with Dropbox)

Download 4.6 MB

AudioRecorder TS (no Dropbox)

Download 1.3 MB

After you edit the audio clip, you can export it as a file or set it as a ringtone, or whatever you like. You can also view a history of saved audio clips from the past and listen to them whenever you want.

AudioRecorder TS offers a lot of the same features and customizations as the tweak version for jailbroken devices, which means you have options to configure including the following:

AudioRecorder TS preferences.
Things you can do here include:
  • Toggling AudioRecorder TS on or off
  • Requiring biometric authentication to open
  • Configure sync and sharing settings
    • Enable and configure a web server
    • Back up recordings in iOS backups
    • Link Dropbox or Google Drive account
    • Sync over cellular
    • Configure cellular incoming/outgoing connections
    • And more…
  • Enable notifications for recordings
  • Auto-show the recording icon
  • Enable or disable notification sounds
  • Enable or disable icon badges
  • Play warning audio message
  • Play beep sounds
  • Play start recording sounds
  • Configure activation methods
  • And more…

After you edit an audio clip, you’re free to do whatever with it, as long as you abide by laws and regulations, and you use it for personal purposes only. Please note that in many jurisdictions, you must make the other party aware that they are being recorded and they must consent.

Limneos is particularly excited about this release because it provides a touchable UI over SpringBoard without a jailbreak or tweak injection, and furthermore allows for recording from any process without tweak injection. We’d say the excitement is warranted, given the size of the feat.


AudioRecorder TS doesn’t require the RootHide bootstrap or the Serotonin “semi-jailbreak,” so you’re free to use it on any TrollStore-supported firmware up to and including iOS or iPadOS 17.0.

Are you planning to give AudioRecorder TS a try? Let us know why or why not in the comments section down below.

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