Solstice is a beautiful new theme that takes Dark Mode to an entirely new level

Solstice is a beautiful new theme that takes Dark Mode to an entirely new level

Solstice Is A Beautiful New Theme That Takes Dark Mode To An Entirely New Level

Solstice  It was only a few weeks ago that Apple announced iOS & iPadOS 18 at WWDC 2024, and it was then that we learned about the operating system’s new Home Screen app icon customization options, including a mode that looks better when you have Dark Mode toggled on.

Solstice dark mode theme.

We quickly rebutted to this news with a piece about jailbreak-centric themes that you can literally take advantage of right this instant to get the same effect on earlier firmware, but as luck would have it, theme designer Rifai wanted to contribute something to this space too, and now we have another Dark Mode-friendly theme called Solstice on the table.

Solstice is an icon pack that supports not only your Home Screen’s app icons, but also the icons within your Settings app. Citing the depiction page in the Chariz repository, Solstice provides 300 unique icons for your Home Screen, covering not only the native apps, but also a wide array of third-party apps.

As you can see in the screenshot examples above, Solstice takes a no-nonsense approach to its icon designs. For the most part, the icons look the same as they would from the App Store, but with a dark background instead of the lighter colors that they would ordinarily come with.

Especially when combined with a dark background, this theme looks particularly stunning. Gone are the app icons that have bright white backgrounds, which is essential on a Dark Mode-enabled device. Likewise, the app icons’ glyphs retain all their vibrant color, so it’s not as dull as iOS & iPadOS 18’s tinted icons.

Compared to some of the other Dark Mode-friendly theme options, 300 icons may not seem like much, but the good news is that you can always request more icons from the developer via Telegram Bot or email request. The developer simply requests that you include the theme name, the bundle ID, and the app name of the app icons you want to see in Solstice, and they’ll make their way in a future update.

If you’re interested in giving Solstice a try, then you can purchase the theme for $2.99 from the Chariz repository via your favorite package manager app. The theme can be used on any jailbroken firmware with the SnowBoard theming engine.

Never used SnowBoard before? No problem. Learn how to theme Home Screen icons on a jailbroken device with SnowBoard in our step-by-step tutorial.

Do you think Solstice is a good-looking Dark Mode-centric theme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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