Best Cydia And Jailbreak Tools For IPhone

Best Cydia And Jailbreak Tools For IPhone
Cydia is a popular third-party app store for jailbroken iOS devices . Offering a variety of tools and applications that can be used to customize and optimize your device, we will present a wide range of the most popular Cydia tools and how they can help you get the most out of your device.



The tools have been divided into a list of tools section according to the classification of their work, and a Cydia tools section with a description of their functions and sources, and we will begin reviewing the lists according to the classification as follows:
An important note: Jailbreaking or using it and using its tools is at your full responsibility . You must know well how to use it, its advantages and disadvantages, and know how to use it correctly.

Cydia tools for iPhone according to classification



We present to you a list of the best Cydia and jailbreak tools for the iPhone, which facilitate the use of the iPhone for professionals in using the jailbreak. The lists have been arranged according to the classifications on which the Cydia tools work:

Various Cydia tools for iPhone

  • SnapBack
  • CopyLog
  • Callbar XS
  • AutoUnlockX
  • TapTime
  • iCleaner Pro
  • Filza
  • Sucession
  • Swipe-shot
  • New Grid Switcher
  • HapticKeys
  • HideBarX
  • SnoozeX
  • Gesture
  • SmartLight

Cydia tools to customize notifications on iPhone

  • ColorBanners2
  • Blurification
  • Notification

Cydia tools to customize the iPhone Control Center

  • BetterCCXI
  • CoolCC
  • Togglow
  • realcc
  • Sugarcane

Cydia tools to customize the iPhone screen

  • Cylinder
  • shylables
  • pencilchargingindicator
  • Springfinity
  • Semperion
  • Shortlook
  • JellyFish
  • Semperion
  • message bubbles
  • Asteroid
  • Bazzi
  • Iconator11
  • ClassicFolders2
  • Scribble
  • clean home screen
  • Six
  • ColorBadges2
  • lockplus pro

Cydia tools to customize iPhone settings

  • circle settings
  • shuffle
  • Shortlook

Cydia tools to activate dark mode on iPhone

  • Eclipse Dark Mode
  • Edge

Cydia tools to customize messages on iPhone

  • Textyle
  • Animoji
  • barmoji
  • color board

Cydia tools for iPhone

Below is a large group of Cydia tools for iPhone, including descriptions of the tools and sources of some Cydia tools:

Cydia Atlas Tweak tool redesigns a video player

If you’re looking to improve your video player experience, Atlas is a free mod that’s definitely worth considering. With its redesigned interface and useful gestures inspired by the YouTube app, the Atlas tablet provides a more intuitive and user-friendly way to interact with your videos with gesture support.

Cydia tool Barmoji tweak

If you’re looking to improve your emoji typing experience on iOS devices, Barmoji is an innovative and popular jailbreak tool worth considering. This tweak makes excellent use of the extra space on your iPhone keyboard   by replacing the empty space with a convenient Emoji Bar, allowing you to quickly access your favorite emojis.

Cydia ChatWall tweak tool Add a background to the Messages application

Add unique background wallpapers to your conversation list and one-on-one chats in the Messages app with this free ChatWall tweak. This is a highly customizable tweak for iOS 14 and iOS 15 that allows you to choose an image from your photo library, among other things. Give your iOS messaging experience a new look with a ChatWall tweak.

Winterboard: Winterboard

It is a popular Cydia tool that allows you to customize the look and feel of your iOS device. With Winterboard, you can change the background, icons, and even the system font. You can also install themes and skins to give your device a unique look.

SBSettings: SBSettings

 It is a powerful Cydia tool that allows you to quickly access, turn on and turn off settings. It also gives you quick access to commonly used applications and tools.


iFile is a powerful file manager for iOS devices. It lets you access and manage files on your device, including files stored in the iOS file system. You can also use it to install and manage applications and modifications.


It is one of the most popular Cydia tools and is responsible for downloading themes on your device. Without it, most themes cannot be downloaded or applied.


 The Cydia tweak allows users to remap their 3D apps, making them look better than ever.

XinaA15 Jailbreak

 This is an exclusive compilation of the best Cydia tweaks. It includes many useful features such as safety mode, emission, and more.


With this tool, you can cancel messages that do not have a slide and will not appear in the top bar.


This tweak displays the phone app’s number interface in a semi-transparent manner, making it easy to see who’s calling without being distracted by other apps or notifications.

Cydia BatteryBuddy tweak

Jailbreaking not only allows you to customize the look of app icons but also lets you customize your iOS status bar. BatteryBuddy is one such widget, which replaces the traditional battery indicator in the status bar with a facial expression that reflects the battery level.

Cydia Liddell tweak tool

Liddell is a jailbreak tweak that offers highly customizable and visually appealing notification banners, including the latest version of XinaA15. With this tweak, you can easily customize the style, background, icon borders and text of notification banners to your liking.

Cydia Kayoko tweak tool

Kayoko is a jailbreak tweak that offers a great clipboard file manager for iPhone. This tool allows you to easily retrieve recently copied items with quick access from the keyboard. With Kayoko, managing your clipboard history has never been easier.

Cydia Diary Tweak tool

Diary is a jailbreak tweak that brings a feature-rich replica of the Windows 10/11 lock screen to iPhone, complete with passcode login screen. The tweak offers a lot of customization options that allow you to change the time and passcode pattern to suit your preferences.

Cydia Aerial 2 tweak

Aerial 2 is a powerful tweak that adds a touch of color to all status bar icons on your iOS 13 to iOS 15 device, provided it is jailbroken. Although it is not officially compatible with iOS 15, users have reported that it works smoothly on devices with XinaA15 and Palera1n Jailbreaks.

Cydia Legizmo tool

Legizmo is a modification that enables newer versions of watchOS to be paired with older iOS versions. For Apple Watch owners who have a jailbroken device running iOS 12 – iOS 15, this tweak is an absolute must. Legizmo is available in 3 versions: Kincaid, Jupiter and Grace.

Cydia AnswerMachine XS tool

AnsweringMachine XS is an all-in-one jailbreak tool that provides a full-featured answering machine for your iPhone. It’s compatible with any jailbreak released for iOS 11 through iOS 16, providing a host of advanced features for managing your voicemail messages.

Cydia Shadow tool

Shadow Tweak is a lightweight jailbreak detection tweak for iOS 11 through iOS 15 that allows you to run App Store apps that wouldn’t work in a jailbroken environment. The tweak is easy to use, but it also provides some advanced hooks to disallow apps from detecting the installed jailbreak.

Cydia PowerSelector tweak for iOS

Turn on the iOS power button using the PowerSelector tweak on any jailbroken iPhone or iPad. When you need a tool to execute respring, ldrestart, safe mode, uicache and other commands from Control Center, PowerSelector is the app for that. Supports iOS 11 – iOS 16.
PowerSelector is more than just an ldrestart tweak. It also provides a set of useful functions such as shutdown, restart, safe mode, respring, uicache and UserSpace Reboot. The tweak also comes with an optional widget that can be pinned for easy access from the Control Center.

Cydia KillApps tweak redefines the look of iOS App Switcher

Unleash the full potential of your iOS app switcher with KillApps, a powerful jailbreak tool. While Apple leaves the App Switcher untouched, this tweak offers a wealth of customization options and functionality that aren’t available in stock iOS 15.

Cydia snowboard tool

The SnowBoard tweak is one of the most popular options tweaks that allow you to change the look of your iOS by replacing existing icons on your device with new ones created by the jailbreak community. The tweak can change the icon set on all jailbreaks released since iOS 7.

Cydia tool LastLook always-on display

There are a few tweaks that create the desire to instantly install a jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad and LastLook by AnthoPak is one of them. It’s an always-on display (AOD) tweak with ambient mode with notifications you’ll love.
LastLook is a beautifully designed always-on screen tweak that’s compatible with the most popular lock screen tweaks for iOS. The latest version of LastLook has been updated with support for Palera1n Jailbreak and XinaA15 Jailbreak without root. Now works on iOS 12.0 – iOS 15.7.

Cydia Novus tool

The Phone app on iOS hasn’t seen major design changes over the years, resulting in a lack of visual interest for long-time iPhone users. The Novus tweak for iOS 12-16 brings a reimagined version of the app with a cohesive, unified user interface.
Novus is a jailbreak tweak that dramatically improves the aesthetic of the Stock Phone app on the iPhone by giving it a fresh, modern look that blends seamlessly with the latest iOS 16. The resulting design is so well executed that Apple will be working on it sooner or later. It was later adopted.

Cydia BigSurCenter tool

Control Center is a feature in iOS that provides quick access to a range of controls and app shortcuts from one place. BigSurCenter redesigns the look of CC making it fresh, fresh and lightweight. It’s inspired by the new Control Center in macOS Big Sur.
BigSurCenter is a jailbreak tweak that replaces the default Control Center in iOS with a new design inspired by macOS Big Sur. The tweak works on all recent jailbreaks released for iOS 13 up to iOS 15.7.2. It runs on iOS 15 running jailbreak Palera1n and XinaA15.

Cydia CCPower tool

If you are having problems on the XinaA15 with your device shutting down, restarting, or restarting the SpringBoard (the device’s GUI), you may want to try installing a CCPower tweak and using it to perform those terminal actions.
CCPower Tweak is a Control Center module that gives you quick access to many powerful and useful jailbreak features on iOS 11 and iOS 15. It is one of the few tools that work with jailbreaks released for iOS 15. The latest version has been updated to support XinaA15 without root escape from the prison.

Cydia QuitAll tool

When you use a lot of apps on iOS, these apps will open in the App Network Switcher. To close an app, you must use the swipe up gesture in each window. QuitAll tweak can close all apps with one click on iOS 13 – iOS 15 by adding a handy close button to the network switcher.
QuitAll is a simple but useful mod that adds a button on top of the app/network switcher, which once pressed closes all apps from the switcher. This tweak supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 13 to iOS 14, but also works fine on recently released iOS 15 jailbreaks.

Cydia PortraitXI tool

The high-end iPhone offers the option to create portraits with professional-looking blur (blur) effects in the background. Only Apple claims that older devices cannot provide this effect. The PortraitXI dial enables portrait mode on single-camera iPhones.
PortraitXI is a jailbreak tweak that enhances the single-lens camera on your iPhone by adding Portrait Mode on unsupported devices. This tweak integrates with the Camera app which adds new PortraitXI options to the available camera modes. Works with iOS 14, iOS 15, and iOS 16.

Cydia Cylinder tool

Add some animation to your home screen as you scroll through pages. Cylinder Tweak adds stunning animations to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 11.0 through 15.7.1. Jailbreak required. The disc was released as an open source project.
Cylinder is a jailbreak tweak inspired by the Barrel app, allowing you to trigger various animations when swiping on screens. It supports more than 50 home screen icon animations and effects. Three versions of the disc are available: Cylinder, Cylinder Reborn, and Cylinder Remade.

Cydia CopyLog tool

By default, iOS only allows you to store one item in the clipboard manager. When you jailbreak, there are some tweaks that allow you to manage your clipboard history better. CopyLog is the best clipboard manager for iOS, works with Palera1n and XinaA15.
CopyLog is a powerful clipboard manager for iOS 11 – iOS 15.7.1, that works on both iPhone and iPad. With its similar layout to Paste for Mac, it’s familiar to some users, and allows easy access to text snippets that are automatically added to your history.

Cydia A-Bypass tool

When you decide to jailbreak your iOS device, some apps can stop working because they will detect an unsafe environment. This can be a big problem, so with help comes a tweak like A-Bypass. It will bypass jailbreak detection by any iOS app.
A-Bypass is a jailbreak detection bypass tweak that supports all modern jailbreak software running iOS 13 – iOS 15. This modification allows you to run all types of App Store applications that detect the jailbreak and do not allow the application itself to be opened, claiming that this is an unprotected environment. Safe.

Cydia AppStore++ tool

The App Store is the only permitted market where you can officially download apps and games for iPhone and iPad. The app itself doesn’t offer a lot of features, but on a jailbroken device, you can install a tweak like AppStore++ to change it.
AppStore++ is a free mod that adds to the official App Store app the option to downgrade and upgrade any installed app or game. Moreover, this tweak can also block unwanted updates forced by the App Store. Requires jailbreak AppStore++, running iOS 11 – iOS 15.

Cydia LowerInstall tool

Developers sometimes add to the firmware limitations of their apps, which doesn’t allow users to download the app when running older iOS even when it works anyway. The LowerInstall tweak can install applications that are not supported on the current firmware version.
LowerInstall is a free jailbreak tweak that allows you to install apps on unsupported iOS versions. The tweak can change your current iOS version to any other which makes it possible to bypass the minimum requirements of the iOS version that does not allow you to download an app.

Cydia BetterCC tool

Apple doesn’t offer a lot of options to customize its devices. On jailbroken devices, you can install free BetterCC tweaks that allow you to control the layout of the Control Center by changing the sizes of selected modules, among other things.
BetterCC is a free jailbreak tweak for iOS that makes it possible to customize different things about the Control Center on iPhone. Released as a free package through the Havoc repo, it is fully compatible with jailbreaks running iOS 14.2 through iOS 14.8.

Cydia PullOver Pro tool

It was impossible to perform multitasking especially on iPhones, at least that is Apple’s position. They told at WWDC22 that the phase manager requires swapping virtual memory and M1. For many years, the jailbreak has been offering some multitasking tweaks including Pullover Pro.
PullOver Pro is a jailbreak tweak that provides multitasking for iPhones running iOS 11 through iOS 14. The tweak offers a small tab on the side of the screen that allows you to pin an app and drag it over the current app. This way you can run multiple applications simultaneously.

Cydia tool HalFiPad

The old iPhone interface looks outdated and may not be the most attractive to use in those days. Thanks to the HalFiPad tweak, you can change it up and add many unique features to your device by installing useful hacks on the status bar, dock, app switcher, etc.
HalFiPad is a jailbreak tweak that brings modern gestures and a lot of new features to your iPhone. The tweak is designed to work on all recent jailbreaks running iOS 13 and iOS 14. HalFiPad can customize gestures, status bar style, keyboard, battery, and more.

Cydia tool MilkyWay 2

Run multiple apps simultaneously on your home screen with the free MilkyWay 2 tweak released for jailbroken devices running iOS 13 and iOS 14. Install MilkyWay2 Fix for iOS 14 with added support for the latest version of modern jailbreak software.
MilkyWay 2 is a free mod that enables multitasking on all iOS 13 and iOS 14 jailbreaks. The tweak was released as an open source project but the developer decided to remove it from its repo. We still offer the free MilkyWay2 bundle compatible with iOS 13.0 – 14.8.

Cydia CacheCleanerX tool

To speed up your iPhone, you can use a tool like iCleaner Pro, but sometimes it’s enough to clear the app cache with the CacheCleanerX tweak. Jailbreak required. Install the latest version of CacheCleanerX and remove app cache from 3D Touch.
CacheCleanerX is a free tweak that adds an option to clean app cache directly from the home screen using a 3D Touch or Haptic Touch gesture when tapping on the app icon.

Cydia tool Hestia

Hestia is a completely new take on the concept of bypassing jailbreak detection, and is intended for mobile phones running iOS 11 to iOS 14. The extension allows you to run apps that are trying hard not to work on jailbroken devices using unc0ver or checkra1n tools.

Cydia cc on & off tool

This tool turns off Bluetooth permanently until you want to turn it on again. As we know, when you turn off Bluetooth, you later see that it has returned to work without you turning it on with this tool. This will not happen again.

Cydia iCleaner Pro tool

A very useful tool for cleaning the iPhone from system debris and cache files. It deletes up to 3GB and sometimes more files that you do not even know exist on your device.

Cydia installer tool

An alternative application to Cydia that is more organized and elegant than Cydia. You can add a group of sources in one go, and also install a set of tools in one go, and you will no longer need to respring with every tool you download from Cydia.

Cydia Quitall tool

A tool that closes applications running in the background at once with just the press of a button instead of closing each program individually.

Cydia Backgrounderaction2 tool

You activate and close it directly from the control center to keep any program running in the background without stopping.

Cydia tool cydown

The tool for taking a backup copy of Cydia tools and sources works on all stores such as Sileo and Zebra, and the rest of the stores are compatible with all versions.

Cydia SpotCC tool

SpotCC allows you to access Control Center by simply swiping down anywhere on the home screen. So if you don’t like the default swipe spot gesture, here’s an easy way to access Control Center using this gesture.
Here we have finished reviewing a very large group of the most important and best Cydia tools for iPhone. We hope that you have benefited from this, and follow us as we will present everything new for iPhone and Android.

Jailbreak programs for iPhone

Jailbreaking is a term used to describe the process that allows you to truly unleash the potential of your iOS device. Apple’s mobile operating system is popular, in part because of how locked down it is. Jailbreaking your device will allow you to break those restrictions and customize your device the way you want.
We will review the best programs to jailbreak iPhone without a computer as well as with a computer:

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